Hello to all the visitors of this sci-fi comic site.

My name is Oksana Heleverya (© Geleverya).

I want to apologize first, I really don’t have enough time to write on this site, except the comics themselves.

It’s so fun to create something new out of nothing. It’s my first webcomic and it was a long journey for me since I came here from traditional art background.

My first digital project was ‘Owl on the season’ Android wallpaper app. This is my second digital art project. I always had a dream to create some sci-fi stories. I decided to start a new project in my life to combine an art, sci-fi and my hobbies. Unfortunately, I am not a real scientist, like some sci-fi authors, but I have B.Sc degree in Electrical Engineering. I’m trying to balance between the science and fiction. I think eventually the fiction would gain the upper hand.


If you like these comics, I need your support, to keep the story alive.

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I wish to all those who dream to have less things in the life that can take you away from the imagination.

Many thanks to my husband, who aided me in creating this site and for being co-author and chief editor of my comics!

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